20 amazing photos, which forced to see the world on a new

Once in our life firmly entered the Internet, we know almost everything and to surprise us is becoming increasingly difficult. Information about the latest technology becomes available at the press of a button, and gossip about the stars fly on the web like hot cakes. But there is in our lives something of what you can watch forever, happy reviewed twice and admire, for the first time or get excited when he saw the first time. We are talking about the stunning photographs, whose value does not diminish with time, and becomes a more significant.

Aerogel - material, 99, 9% consisting of air

One of the metro stations in Stockholm

The building was designed in the form of a fingerprint, Thailand

Villas on the roof of an eight shopping center, Zhuzhou, China

White background, black nails and thread that never interrupted

underwater stadium project in Dubai

Little black rhino and its protection

Armed soldiers the charge of all the black rhinos to protect them from poachers. Animals perceive soldiers as the family members

The director of the Belgrade Zoo persuades escaped chimpanzee named themselves back to the zoo, 1988

Cloud Gate, China

Trains with coal, Virginia, United States

The door through which you can survive a 30-megaton nuclear explosion

Vajont Dam, Italy. Height - 261, 6 m

The most peaceful place on Earth - anechoic chamber (BEC)

Areas where you can go crazy: in them you will hear how the blood flows through the veins inside the head

Machine-gun bunker from World War II, France

Dik-dik calf

Night New York is similar to the electronic board

The bridge over the frozen river

Glass trail of fear, height - 1430 m, China

Pure water lake Melissani, Greece

Road through Death Valley, USA

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