Facts about the most amazing places on our planet

We will start our story, perhaps, from the "unearthly" portion of its landscape is more reminiscent of the lunar surface, and the dry climate - Mars. Perhaps you will be surprised, but this is not about African deserts and valleys in Antarctica oSuhih.

This place is considered to be the driest in the world - where there Sahara, because here, in the territory of the three valleys (Victoria, Taylor, Wright), an area in excess of 8 thousand sq. Km, no precipitation for many millions of years. This is the place due to its arid climate, is of great interest to specialists from NASA. And it is here that modern Mars rovers are tested and conducted extensive research in many scientific fields.
Dry Valleys - the only part of Antarctica, which is not covered by ice. However, not so long ago there was discovered a frozen lake with very salty water, and under the ice, scientists were able to find a mysterious bacteria and microorganisms. Thanks to this great discovery has once again been confirmed by the scientific theory that life on Mars is still there.

In second place in our ranking of "unusual" is the island of Socotra - its landscapes are unique and as well as landscape views of the Dry Valleys, reminiscent of extraterrestrial surface.

From a geographical point of view, the island is completely isolated from Africa for already 6 million years. He is replete with many extremely rare species of flora and fauna, about a third of which is absolutely endemic and are found only in this area. Despite the fairly dry climate, here grows a huge amount of amazing and beautiful plants, the origin of most of the age of more than 20 million years.

Next on our list of improvised amazing places of the Rio Tinto mine located in the Spanish province of Andalusia.

Being in this place, you realize that you are surrounded completely surreal, like a lunar landscape. However, Rio Tinto - a giant mining complex (today is no longer valid), named after the flowing river in the area, includes several developments, the largest of which - Corta Atalaya. Mining was conducted here over the centuries, causing the river and artificial lakes formed in depressions career, to paint a bright red-orange color, the level of acidity of the local waters and saturation of the metal just rolls over. At present time mining rocks in the region completely stopped, but Rio Tinto continues to attract crowds of tourists to Andalusia and photographers.

Well, let's continue .... Believe me, we still have something to surprise you. I bet you've never heard of Spotted Lake?

It is located in British Columbia (Canada). You may ask - What is unique about this place? Depending on the time of year and weather conditions this natural body of water crystallized, turning in a certain color. From time to time on the surface of the lake formed by a plurality of "spots" - circles of minerals. Furthermore, it has been found here in the world's largest concentration of magnesium sulphate (so-called Epsom salts), as well as sodium, calcium, titanium and silver. This place - sacred to the indigenous inhabitants of Canada - Indians called him Spotted Lake. Moreover, not so long ago Spotted Lake was awarded "the title of" medical and health resort.

Another unusual landscape and one udivitelnoesolenoe lake - Salar de Uyuni, which is located in the south of the desert plains of the Altiplano, Bolivia.

This is a beautiful area with gigantic salt desert in force and currently volcanoes, huge oasis of cacti and which rises directly from the ground geysers. In some periods of time on the surface of the lake, you can even ride on a jeep and enjoy the unusual, and in some places simply unearthly beauty of the surrounding nature. Incidentally, the Salar de Uyuni perfectly visible from space, as one of the main points on the map, designed specifically for satellite calibration.

Next on our list - Moon Valley (Vale de Lua), located in Brazil - a large rock formation, formed through centuries of "wash-out" water.

There are many natural swimming pools, and tourists from all over the world come here in order to enjoy a truly fabulous forest Chapada and look at the world's oldest rock formation consisting entirely of quartz crystals.

There are sights and unusual in Asia. For example, visitors who come to Japan to try to get the Bloody Pond, which is one of the most famous springs of Beppu.

Here there are nine unique in its nature, sources of geysers, the most famous of which is to form the reservoir with hot water bright red, containing a huge amount of iron (hence the unusual hue). Besides, the Bloody Pond - it is also a popular place for photographers and everyone impress themselves on the background of this unusual body of water.

Eighth place our list is Shilin Stone Forest in China - an amazing example of karst topography.

Rocks that are here are composed of limestone, they are formed with water, which destroyed all but these pillars, similar to the unusual trees and towering like silent witnesses of what happened here centuries ago. Ever since the Ming Dynasty stone forest was known as "the first wonder of the world".

Another miraculous miracle - Richat structure in Mauritania, sometimes called the Eye of the Sahara.

This area, reach a diameter of over 30 miles, very easily visible from space. Initially, scientists believed that this natural attraction formed by the fall of a giant meteorite, but according to the structure of modern geology Richat - the result of soil erosion. However, still it remains a mystery, what was the reason and why this area has a perfectly round, not entirely natural form, like "painted" on the surface of the earth in some architect.

Well, in tenth place in our ranking are the famous gates of Hell - Darwaz in Turkmenistan.

This place is really frightening in its power, as many thousands of tons of fiery lava emanating from the bowels of the earth, cascading into the boiling crater razverzshiysya in the middle of the Karakum Desert. The diameter of the fire pit - 60 meters and its depth reaches 20 meters. At its core, Darwaz - is nothing but a gas well, but the history of its discovery is rather interesting. The fact that a few decades ago, research scientists are well drilled to produce gas, but as a result of a sudden this huge chasm opened, emitting natural gas, which, by the way, had set fire to the special.

In the world there are many wonderful and unique places we have given only a few of them. Our planet is still fraught with a lot of mysteries and unsolved mysteries, who may expect to someday they became known to mankind.



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