12 ways to turn a tin in a cool and useful little thing

Every week we get rid of cold blood, seemingly quite unnecessary empty cans, which were stored before various goodies. But one can make useful items that will be useful in everyday life and help to decorate your home.

< Website picked 12 cool ideas on how to give a second life to the old banks.

1. Flowerpots

If you love fresh flowers and feel their best decoration apartment, you need to pay on the tin assistant special attention, because they are ideal as a flower pot. Durable and very beautiful.

2. Candlesticks

Old jar can be unusual and quite comfortable candlestick. This is useful, for example, at the villa veranda or in the gazebo, where there is no electricity. Decorate the container of your choice, hang in the right place with the help of a dense line and put in a jar candle. Not only practical, but also romantic.

3. Organizer for office supplies or accessories

Pens, markers, scissors, rubber bands for hair, jewelry and other household stuff will no longer be lost and clutter your apartment. Turn imagination, and you will have a stylish organizer, in which every thing will find a worthy place. Girls and children is an invention for sure will like.

4. Feeders for birds

Enjoy yourself - Treat the birds outside the window. To do this, you only need to connect to the bank and tree ribbon, attach a makeshift perch and, of course, to cast a treat for the birds. And if you have a bird feeder and paint tin on a bright color, spring in your backyard will come much faster.

5. Chandelier

Useful articles may also be created from rings in which cans are opened, for example, with carbonated water. Glue them together, pass through the resulting hole lamp, and - voila! - The original chandelier have you on the ceiling

6.. Shelf for storing yarn

Needlewoman too great handy tin container. Construct one shelf for knitting balls, and they never will be confused and terribly annoying. You can create an entire collection by distributing yarn by color, composition and other characteristics.

7. Needle bed

Pins and needles can easily get lost in the depths of any apartment because of its small size. And this can not be allowed in any way. From the old cans, pieces of foam and fabric you can easily make this sweet and very useful little thing.

8. Stand the cutlery

To while cooking culinary dates of your blades, whisks, spoons and were always on hand, keep them on the shelf of cans. You can give the banks to the original design, pasted their recipes of delicious dishes: at the right time it will be convenient to spy, do not forget Do you any ingredient

9.. Stand the bottle

Another useful thing for the kitchen, for which banks will suit perfectly. Fasten them together, and set at a convenient place for you. Connoisseurs of fragrant strong drinks can deploy a bottle of wine. But vessels with sauces, oil, vinegar or other suitable liquids in the economy will be able to also securely stored on a stand.

10. The design of the storage scarves and shawls

Ladies can use the old tins to store there favorite neck accessories. In the spring, these elements of the wardrobe is especially in demand.

11. Dispensers for towels

Much nicer when each towel is neatly in place than when they are curtained all the pipes and doors. For assistance in solving this problem tins come again. The main thing is that the area of ​​your bathroom allows for this idea.

12. Wall Decor

If your hands are not for boredom, this activity will be just a joy. With stencils, sewing, scissors, colored markers or cans of spray paint, you can create unique figures and place them on the wall of your room. This option is particularly harmonious look in the nursery or bedroom.

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