1242 - Battle of the Ice. Was there a slaughter, and what its scope. Difficult to say with certainty anything after seven and a half centuries. And not only for the reason that the main image for today's perception created the famous Eisenstein film "Alexander Nevsky". Clearly, in terms of educating people in the spirit of patriotism and a sense of enduring superiority to foreigners - it is a masterpiece. However, from a historical perspective - a complete mess. Starting with the fact that thanks to the movie went for a walk "dogs-Knights", which is absolutely crazy. Yes, Reitershunde consonant root with Hund, but that the knights-monks, not the dog. Knights outfit - she has too. A traitor solid dressed all in a wild mix of Turkish hats and breastplates, which is also in Poyekt was not.
Well, God be with him, the film, though he still did his job. The question is that of this battle can only say one thing - it was. All. The rest - a flight of fancy. Even the battle on the Neva River, for which Alexander and got to drive is described in much greater detail. For the description of "Samovydets" looks like a stream of consciousness during a shamanic trance. Here and "God's regiment" that helped to Alexander, and what you will not find. The authors of a whole block of the Bible was inserted into the description of the battle.
But Western sources call this event differently: "Battle on Lake Peipus." Well, Estonian Peipsi so called. So, in the Livonian rhymed chronicle of the mentions that: "There's twenty-brothers-knights were killed and six were taken prisoner. Such was the course of the battle. Prince Alexander was glad he won. »
Funny? So I'll tell you: Pskov garrison, Alexander freed shortly before (and the Germans occupied it in September 1241), consisted of 2 Knights (!). TWO, ​​damn !!! Obviously, if they were servants and other soldiers, but these two were enough to keep the city.
So how much could be knights? And you can count. Each knight's castle owned by a knight. He had a helper-castellan, armed with a little bit worse than himself. During the period from 1230 on 1290 gg. Order built castles in the Baltic States 90. Let us assume that they already existed in 1242. What we have? Most of this amount knights in battle just could not be, though, servants, servants and mercenaries on each accounted for 20 or more people ... A myriad fucking horde
And the cherry on the cake. For a year, in April 1241, Batu Khan smashed to pieces in half the Christian army at the Battle of Legnica. There were Poles, and Teutons, and many more whom. That is, they have dared to raise their hands to the descendants of Genghis unclean. And according to the law of Iasi - in such a death. Soon, however, he had to return to Batu Kurultai, but in the spring of 1242 was the Nevsky in the Horde at the meeting with Khan for threatening letter was intended. "... If thou want sblyusti his land" - that is, if you want to save his own land, then come to me soon, and see the honor of my kingdom. Letter is very weighty. While the Horde, Alexander Nevsky fraternized with his son Batu Sartak (though this fact is disputed by a number of historians). Thus, he himself became a "son" of Khan-Chingizid! After that, the "father of Khan" just could not help her "son-Prince", and, most likely, the army podsobil.
And who carries on the Tschudi "army myriad" of the Teutonic Order - one more question ...

1961 - He said, "Let's go." In principle, it is written, rewritten. Add replicability is not an ice queen, "If only flew back and alive!". Because chances are 50/50.
Well - a popular jubilation for the masses, painful spire in the United States back - for manual start of manned programs, the space age (by and large)
"In a bright orange suit, I must have looked strange - shared Gagarin. - The first "Earthlings", a woman and a girl, were afraid to come closer to me "


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