"Silence in the mouth"

For you to hold on and not let go. Who else then you will die for? The wind ruffled the edge of my cloak, the sun pours down from heaven on my skin honey.

I - a child of fields and forest lakes, my eyes flooded water, my skin - copper, and the soul - a fire in my veins the blood colder than ice. I sing winds, not being able to sing in the morning dew drink with fragrant herbs, every day I meet death at the dawn of life by giving you.

For you all still ready, spilling pain through soul edge, I do not have affairs and do not need words, only good for themselves resolutely: keep me waiting or stop, move back so close your eyes, I'm with you - a war without you - not live without you nothing is impossible

. But is everything only your voice, it sounds hot river in dreams, he will save me, he saved Noah creatures or kill, as the monarch killed ten thousand souls tiny children, innocent that have come to light. If you want to beat him, I beg you, Bey, if only I had the answer.

And there is no response - silence in the ears, in the eyes of silence, the silence of the mouth. And it tastes - sugary poppy, but that's the lips burn mercury. Only the voice that's torn and wheezing, begging again and again, again.

But what asshole invented love and for some reason I ordered suffer?

Published with permission of the author
Author: Vladimir Listomirov
Photos on the preview Anton Kuznetsov

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