15 cards that can glorify their owners all over the world

Card - this is not necessarily a white rectangle with black letters. There are also such cards, with which you can check your heart rate, or grow a plant.

< Website says that if you hand over a business card, you will not forget its owner.

Landscape designer

If the bag placed in the water, then it will grow greens.

Card Company, which produces toy aircraft and model aircraft

From this you can collect a small airplane.


On the business card instead of hairpins invisible.

Culinary blog

This card turns into a set of kitchen utensils that can be used for its intended purpose.


< br> After a meeting with the applicant Headhunters offer a card to eat, so that no one knew about his evil plan. Card made of edible paper with edible ink. Instructions on how to eat a card attached.

Medical Center

This business card definitely want to keep. After all, this card can check your pulse.


Place your light on this card, and you will see the contact photographer.


If you spend your finger across the cloves of combs, you will hear how the music will play.

Vegetarian Cafe

< br>
Here is a delicious business card.


Flick of the wrist business card turns into a small easel with a painting.

3D-designer 31,158,224

< br> 3D-card with 3D-glasses inside.

Investment 33,308,709

When you take a business card in hand, written on it: "We love you." But as soon as you erase the protective layer immediately appears: "We love your money." Fair Investment Company.


Business card in the form of a pencil with an eraser huge


To read this card, you will need to find the words. But, if you have failed, you can flip the card, and - voila! -. The contact information before you


The card, which allows you to demonstrate the skills of the game Tetris.

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