Mysterious finds in the mountains of Adygea: the skull of "foreign" and suitcases Nazis

Perhaps this news is someone seems a scene from the film Indiana Jones, but it has been documented. And scientists have yet to say about his word. In the mountains of the Caucasus region of Adygeya were found a suitcase with an emblem of a skull and two Anenerbe unknown creatures. Site publishes podrobnosti.Krome suitcases and skulls, researchers also found a German map of the territory of Adygea, which was painted in 1941. < Experts were amazed at the accuracy and completeness of the display of objects on the map. Anenerbe was probably the secret society in the SS structure and studied the occult and supernatural powers in the world. According to researchers, it is likely that the SS was interested in the mysteries of ancient dolmens and large quantities of radioactive substances present in the region, known as the Canyon Kishinsky.

However, researchers believe that the SS might also look for gold Kuban Rada, which was lost somewhere in this region during the Russian Civil War (1917-1923 gg.). Historians know a lot of details about the operation of the Wehrmacht, codenamed Edelweiss is, in which at the peak of Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, located in the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria in the Russian Caucasus, Nazi flags were set.

While the purpose of the mysterious expedition to the mountains of Adygea remains a mystery, as the link between the mysterious suitcase-chest, its contents (which did not disclose), as well as two abnormal skulls that have nothing to do with the person.

Anenerbe formally studied archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan race. This institution conducts experiments and sent numerous expeditions around the world, trying to prove that mythological aria ruled the world in the distant past. The very name of Ahnenerbe (Ahnenerbe) is translated as "Heritage of ancestors»

. Anenerbe Researchers wanted to know about everything that is connected with the mysterious and the unknown on the planet. They undertook several expeditions to Tibet, Antarctica and the Caucasus, and were interested in the UFO phenomenon and the possibility of absolute power.

Today it is well known that Hitler's Germany was actively involved in the development of new types of weapons that were capable of changing the course of the war. That is why Anenerbe worked more than 300 professionals from different industries, all of which were brilliant scientists with great scientific knowledge. Interestingly, only a few know that the USSR offered to help build a road between Pitsunda (town on the coast of the Black Sea) and Lake Ritsa in Abkhazia for several years before the war experts on mountain roads from the German Organization of military construction. Ostensibly it is undertaken in the framework of international cooperation. After the completion of the German specialists were found dead, their car fell on the turn into the abyss. And the tunnels built by them, and today tourists travel to Lake Riza.

As it turned out, in the construction of strategic roads were very mysterious reasons It turned out that hydrologists from Anenerbe established:. Composition of water, taken from a source located in a cave under the lake Riza, ideal for creating human plasma . "Living water" from Abkhazia in silver containers were transported first to the coast, then on a submarine in Constanta, and finally on the plane to Germany. There were even plans to build a tunnel for submarines, leading from the sea to the Ritz, but these plans were disrupted by the war.

Today we know that the 49th Mountain Corps of the Wehrmacht, who made the ascent of Mount Elbrus, remained in Adygeya region. In the village near the White River Valley was Dahovskaya SS regiment Westland, and between the rivers and Pshish Pshesha was stationed a tank regiment Germania. In the fall of 1942 in Maikop airport arrived the 3rd Squadron of the 14th reconnaissance group, composed of a twin-engine reconnaissance aircraft FW-189 was included, which was equipped with advanced spy equipment and considered flying a secret laboratory.

That was more than enough to protect the secret investigation, which may have held Anenerbe in the mountains of Adygea. "In Maikop was the headquarters of the Wehrmacht, where organized command of the entire German military campaign in the Caucasus. In the fall of 1942 in the mountains of Adygea was not permanent military defense line, and there are indications that the German units went deep into the mountains. It is also not clear why the troops were deployed on Mount Pshekish in August 1944, when the front line has moved far to the west. What matters Nazis detained on Mount Pshekish - a mystery to this day


Many people believe that the Nazis were interested in dolmen - prehistoric structures, which the Germans thought structures of Atlantis, as well as "the gateway to parallel worlds." Even today, people are still talking about the unusual events taking place in this area. Russian media recently wrote that nearly two years in a cave on the mountain Big Thach ago by a group of researchers led by anthropologist Vladimir Malikov mysterious skull was found. According to Melikov, skulls owners were unlike any creature known to man, but they walked on two legs.

The most mysterious feature of the skulls was a lack of the cranium and jaws, as well as the unusually large eye sockets and a kind of horns. Some researchers immediately began to argue that this skull mysterious ancient Anunnaki . It is possible that these remains were discovered, and researchers from the Ahnenerbe, which found the remains of their visitors from the stars, the gods and the founders of the human race. Today we can build a variety of versions and speculation, but the truth is that the skull and objects found in Russia, will remain one of the most intriguing discoveries made in the last decade. Source Materials site



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