10 cool things, which can be converted from the bank of chips

When the chips have already eaten, and the cardboard tube bank still remained, we should not rush to throw it. After all, you can find a lot of useful and original ways ispolzovaniya of the subject in everyday life.

< Website has collected the most successful variants of transformations that would like to repeat at home independently.

1. Vase

Flick hands empty cans of potato chips turns into ... a decorative vase. Just something you need to draw the outer side of any materials at hand.

2. Gift packaging

Pack gift extraordinary way - a real art. Tuboobraznaya Bank suitable for packing of edible products, such as cookies or candies, as well as for small and easily folded items.

3. A container for storing pasta or cereals

Bank with an elongated form just created to store the spaghetti, that does not prevent it to store everything that comes handy. Great scope for imagination in the kitchen there.

4. Dispenser cotton discs or packages

Cut a small round hole at the bottom of the banks, we make a great holder for a cotton disk or coffee capsules. And by making a small hole in the plastic cover, you get a suitable place for storage of plastic bags.

5. Kaleidoscope

For parents and children to turn the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir own kaleidoscope. For this purpose, you will need a hammer and a nail (to create holes on the back side of the banks), holographic paper, shiny stones, attack of inspiration and a little time.

6. Boxes needlewomen

The empty tubes are very easy to store tapes, webbing, thick thread, twine and other materials for creativity. With the help of small manipulations securely fasten all in and enjoy the perfect order on the desktop.

7. Candle Shape

The free chips cans can be filled with molten wax in any combinations and proportions, and the output is a home-made candles.

8. Mini-oven for cooking sausages

Prepare a way for the sausage hot dog, it may not be the most convenient way, but definitely entertaining. Just something needs solar energy, empty cans and sausages, of course. It is time to scientific experiments.

9. Toy house

Here it is, a suitable base for the toy tower, and maybe the whole castle. With good decor is absolutely impossible to guess from which it was made.

10. Organizer for stationery items and spokes

Table organizer "Fast Food", which is filled with pens, pencils, brushes, needles and other small or elongated objects.

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