10 hardy plants for your home that require little maintenance

The lack of time, knowledge in the field of botany or natural laziness - it's not a reason to abandon the plants in the house! After all, some of them differ gentle disposition and require little or no self vnimaniya.Ih not afraid of opacity, irregular watering, dry air, lack of fertilization and annual transplants. Such "living" decor - a real godsend for ever employed the inhabitants of megacities

Website publishes a list of some very "tenacious" plants for home

1.. Sukkulenty

After the torrid and arid South American prairies it is not terribly personal. All different succulents thick stems or leaves with special fabrics, conserves moisture. The best-known representatives of this group - cacti. Caring for them will not be difficult. But it is important for them to use a specially selected pochvosmes for succulents. Those who are not on the thorns soul may prefer to "fluffy", thornless cactus (Diskokaktus (Discocactus horstii), Aylostera (Aylostera), bokasskaya Mammillaria (Mammillaria bocasana)).

2. Zamiokulkas

Say his name is not easy, can not be said about the peculiarities of care. It is ideal for low-light rooms.

Periodically, forget about it watering, fertilizing and transplants - more than acceptable. Oddly enough, it is best to plant manifests itself in poor unfertilized soil with sand and good drainage. For Zamioculcas perfect narrow, tall pot that does not take much space in the house.

3. Hlorofitum

This colorful perennial bush immediately attracts attention with its green narrow leaves with a white border. The plant is perfect for pots and tall structures. Chlorophytum is not against any soil and any size of the pot. It does not scare shadows and cool (up to + 10 ° C). After a month without watering it a little poniknet but not withered.

4. Tolstyanka

This is the most money tree, which, according to popular belief, brings financial well-being. The name of the plant is obtained through the dense, fleshy leaves that retain moisture. Dry air and prolonged lack of watering - it will not hurt. Equally well Crassula feels the south and in the north of the apartment.

In addition to the vitality of the plant is characterized by its fecundity: just stick it in a sheet of water or in the ground - and in a few days you will receive a seedling ready

5.. Fikus

His popularity, he is obliged not only ornate, decorative leaves, but also a wonderful gentle disposition with a huge thirst for life. To ruin his lack of care - is not easy. Ficus easily tolerate occasional watering, dry air and the penumbra. For small spaces, you can choose a variety with small, but no less spectacular leaves. Too overgrown specimens calm consideration to be pruned and wonderful components bonsai.

6. Sansevieriya

It will grow in even the most inexperienced beginners. Her colorful spiky leaves someone resemble Tiffany's tongue, and someone - a snake's tail. But decorative and appropriate plant looks in any interior. It is almost indifferent to heat and cold, light and shade, moisture and drought. In the winter months, and can do without irrigation. Sansevieriya - one of the few houseplants, who will survive in the draft in the corridors and near the entrance doors

7.. Pachira Akvatika

It is immediately recognizable on the trunk in the form of a spectacular braids. The people Pachira styled "bottle tree" and believe in its ability to bring good luck and prosperity. If she was a singer, it would be empty in its rider. The plant can safely be planted in a shaded corner of the room, depriving Watering (7-10 days). On the contrary - a lot of light and abundant moisture only ruin her

8.. Spatifillyum

The people believe that, together with this plant can live in the house, "a woman's happiness." His whimsical white flowers, similar to the mini-Kala, ready to please owners of the year. Spatifillyum endures lack of moisture: in a week or two flowers without water can poniknut, but immediately after watering live. From fertilizer plants will not give up, but without them will not be lost. It is important to protect it from drafts and cold.

9. Nolin (bokarneya) 61,330,632

Having got it at home, you can safely go on a trip to one or two weeks - to be offended or to die, it will not. In its native desert she used to live without vagaries. Its original bottle-barrel add zest to any interior. For thickening trunk Nolin watering rare, but abundant, no stagnation in the pot. The soil is loose and it needs a dense nutrient-poor.

10. Epipremnum zolotistyy

His fans will appreciate the climbing plants and vertical gardening. Epipremnum shoots with heart-shaped, lush green leaves in yellow and white speckled transform even the most shadowed corner of the room. The plant can and do without the sun, being content with artificial lighting. It is good choice for the kitchen or bath without fear of temperature and moisture changes. indoor air will be much cleaner with him.

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