1816 - The first boat crossed the English Channel. Generally the very first boat with paddle wheels built in 1807 by Robert Fulton. His child was named "Claremont" and cruising from New York to Albany on the Hudson River. Due to cautious attitude to innovation a few years at sea flying the ships do not put. Well, in 1816 crossed the English Channel in the construction of the ship was named "Marjorie". However, it bought the Frenchman Pierre Andriel, renamed "Eliza" and even blew from Newhaven to Le Havre. On March 29 rising on the Seine, arrived in Paris

1861 - Unification of Italy. No matter how opposed the serious people from Piedmont, who had plenty of their own compelling reasons against joining the enlarged Kingdom of Sardinia to Piedmont, the association of Italian land, with the exception of Venice and Rome and the Lazio region, it was completed by the end of 1860.
Obscheitalyansky Parliament, which met in Turin, the first capital of a united Italy, announced that the Kingdom of Italy took place and the king will now Victor Emmanuel II, previously exclusively rulivshy Piedmont. And the Constitution of this land now extends to the whole of Italy. Well, plow and plow to unify legislation, customs affairs and monetary system had to work, as a whole after the medieval disunity and vacillation Italy quite cheerfully jerked forward.
In general, 1861 was rich in landmark events - the abolition of slavery in the United States, of serfdom in Russia. The Italians with their reason podsuetilis

1861 - Announcement of the Manifesto of the abolition of serfdom. Alexander II signed it on February 19 as well, the decision was read these things during Mass on Forgiveness Sunday. Well, there is the abolition of the question is - still not all up to date ...


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