25 rows of synthetic feelings

< Sergei Anchutkin

I experienced catharsis,
When I bought cat
He told me wearily:
"Boy, the fifth life - not the ...ยป
And I jumped out the window
Eighth floor, under the window mothers with prams,
Sing lullabies, keys clang
Child watered beer and tales.
He landed on his paws strictly,
Taking into account all the laws of physics.
It was just a cat, do not write poetry,
Generally not recognize the lyrics.
And died of boredom
Flying the third floor,
On which someone someone

I stayed in the kitchen alone.
I'm sitting in a faded T-shirt,
In the eyes - water ...
His photo in
instagrame Collect two thousand likes.

And tomorrow I experienced catharsis,
By purchasing a sixth cat.


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