8 make-up secrets, how to make eyes expressive

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. It is not surprising that women are looking for different ways to make eyes large and expressive.

Website is sharing with you tips that tell how to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Select eyebrows

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Beautiful eyebrows - one of the main decorations of the face. Underline them, you can use a pencil, wax or shadows.

Use highlighter

Highlighter - a tool that gives a radiant look to your skin. To make the eyes more expressive, causes highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes and the contour of the eyebrows.

Drawing arrows

Arrows never go out of style, so you can safely take a pencil or eyeliner and draw a nice curved line on the eyes.

Make "smoky" makeup

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Smoky ice - one of the most popular eye makeup techniques. It is suitable for any time of the day and make the eyes more bright.

Do not forget about the white pencil

To make the eye more in the inner corner of the eye point put a white pencil and gently blend. Also, another reception will make the eyes more expressive - in the eyes of the extension of the lower lashes plot the line of white pencil (moving from the outer corner of the eye to the inside).

curl lashes correctly

Using tweezers tighten your lashes so they appear natural.

lengthens lashes

To make eyelashes longer, take the mascara and, looking up, slide the brush from lash root to tip. Then, taking the brush vertically, pay attention to every eyelash.

applied to the lips bright lipstick

If you want to focus on the eye, do not use bright lipstick. Gloss pearlescent shades or bright lipstick will make eyes brighter.

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