8 secrets of make-up, how to make eyes expressive

not necessarily be a professional makeup artist to using makeup to make eyes bigger and brighter. It is enough to know a few simple secrets - and your view will captivate all the attention of others.

Especially for the Website a talented makeup artist Lily Abdulaeva revealed secrets of how to make the eyes more expressive.

Select eyebrows

Focusing on the eyebrows, you can emphasize or correct the many features: open view, narrow or expand the oval. Shadows, pencils and sweets will help to correct eyebrow shape is correct, such mascara eyebrows give volume and fix the gel in the right direction hairs.

Apply white pencil on the lower eyelid

Do you want to make yourself look more fresh and open - paint the mucosa of the lower eyelid with a light pencil or eyeliner. To do this, fit a pearly hue and ivory.

Use highlighter

Add fresh eyes, and relief help highlighter or pearl pearlescent shade. Apply them under the eyebrow, inside corner of the eye and the central part of the movable century.

Lengthens lashes

If the eyelashes are not bending, it is best to use tweezers for curling. Use them before applying mascara, creating bending direction from the base to the tips. Apply mascara from the roots to create a supportive framework. Also help to naturally increase eye false eyelashes.

Apply beige shade

Beige and brown palette of shades suitable for all without exception. Apply a lighter shade on the mobile eyelid, obscuring it to the crease and going back to the light to podbrovnogo arch. This will help to emphasize the sculptural eye.

Darken ciliary contour

Blackout ciliary contour makes the eyes more expressive. You can gently shade it in the main make-up of eyes -. And the look becomes more languid

Blue shade will make your eyes brighter

Blue shades in makeup suitable for almost all owners of green, blue and brown eyes. It is this color will make your eyes look more deep and expressive.

Do not be afraid of color shadows

< br> Colour shade can simply be added as an accent or do basic makeup. It is also a win-win approach shade contained in the iris color. To enhance its use contrasting colors.

Model: Anastasia Naumova
Make-up: Lily Abdulaeva
Photographer: Roman Zakharchenko

via www.instagram.com/liliya_abdulaeva/


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