The errors we all make, and traps that fall

Life is full of traps that are placed for you. Trap can be anything - financial debt or daily waste of time. Small problems and major trouble hiding almost every corner. < Website says, on what points you should pay attention to avoid the most common mistakes.

Error igrokaOshibochnoe assumption that if often the case an event (for example, 50 times in a row falls tails), it increases the probability of the opposite event (often begin to fall eagle). The reason for this prejudice is the belief that the universe must maintain a balance. This error has caused depletion of many wallets in Las Vegas.

Press "space" on Youtube, to put the video on pause and instead be at the bottom of this press stranitsyVmesto "K".

Catch a glimpse of the seller in the trade tsentreEti five minutes of life no longer return .

Recognize that you are not exposed to marketingaMarketing - is not just advertising. It acts covertly, that you did not guess. Some stores even the floor on which you stand is arranged so as to direct your traffic to certain goods. Music playing in the mall, the smells, the colors -. It's not just marketers and carefully selected

think that you need higher obrazovanieMnozhestvo people live happily without any education. Website published on this theme amazing article "5 honest facts, why today do not have to learn 5».

Buy more prestigious veschiNachinaya earn more, we are starting to spend more. Unfortunately, this leads many people to live from paycheck to paycheck. As an alternative, especially for those with high income: save and invest to achieve financial independence


were left without toilet bumagiLyudi in the world are divided into two categories -. Those with which it has already happened and those that still happen

unrecoverable error zatratSindrom sunk costs often leads to large cost overruns. Many people would have felt obliged to go to the movies, even though they do not really even want to, simply because if you do not go, the tickets are "lost", and the money will be "thrown out." At the same time they will spend more money on related costs.

Press largest button «Download» in an unknown sayteVy very sorry about this ...

Pyramid skhemyDazhe if you personally have not lost money in a pyramid, at the you probably exists a couple of friends with whom it happened. Or it happens because ðóíåò experiencing an unprecedented rise of the pyramids and fraud of all kinds. Free cheese you know where.

Poverty trap when everything is good in terms of time, money, happiness, a person is more inclined to make decisions, leading to an increase in its influence. On the contrary, the decisions taken at the time of lack of resources, lead to an even greater disadvantage. For example, depression leads to isolation, which enhances the depression and so the circle.

Desire to please lyudyamStanovyas older, you realize that, regardless of your actions, people will find a reason for criticism. You did not help the homeless? You are a bad person. You helped the homeless? You too spineless.

Not make backups faylovEtot file is not so important, right? Yes, as long as your computer is not broken. Tip: send all the most important in the "cloud" to have access to your files from any device. Services there are many on the basis of personal experience can recommend Yandex. Disc.

Dolgin take loans left and right. You can live without debts, believe me. Debt - a hole in your pocket, through which will be permanently "leak" all your dreams and plans

Still higher, and higher, and higher ... It is not only work, but life in general.. We want a better job, to buy a bigger house, for which we need to work even better, so we can buy another home more. Repeat.

I remember, you can not write "Er ... Wait ... What about that thing called?»

Trust in pamyatiObscheizvestno that memory fails. Millions of people may remember what in fact was not, for example, the death of Nelson Mandela in prison. This has long respected the court argument as evidence of a witness, in the end, we began to question thanks to DNA tests.

So, if you have something to remember, this is not necessarily actually happened.

Short Break check FeysbukBystrenko? Well, well.

confidence in his pravoteEta confidence comes near with confidence to the memory and xenophobia. We all make mistakes sometimes. But we are too confident in its position and is not willing to accept the fact that the rights of someone else.

KsenofobiyaPozhaluy, the worst trap for the people. By and large leads to racism and nationalism, but really it hurts us on all levels of being. Do you really think that all the people who believe in the * faith * insert just awful? This xenophobia. Positive side effects - it leads to cohesion in the group. However, the negative side - conflicts and wars. It's funny, but I think that you are above such nonsense because of their intelligence -. It is also a form of xenophobia

PautinaKto of us have never run into web? Among other things, this is a trap in the literal sense of the word.



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