Vietnamese traps

Homemade traps the Vietnam War.
Sophisticated and cruel things ... see and read.

"Tiger Trap". Is currently GI quietly, suddenly the ground beneath his feet, he yawns and falls to the bottom of the pit studded clubs. If he was not lucky and he did not die immediately, but will scream with pain, gather near his comrades, trying to pull the accident. Needless to say that around the traps in several locations of the tunnels made outcrops on camouflaged sniper position?

Or more humane traps, "Vietnamese souvenir." There comes a soldier on an inconspicuous hole, closed at the top with a piece of paper leaves ...

Leg fails, it pierces the bottom pin, pins on the sides not only pierce, but do not give a pull. As a rule, the soldiers did not die, but the result was deprived of his feet, then getting lessons in Saigon Hospital of foot pins on the memory. Hence the name. The next couple of pictures shows a similar structure. Ince ...

und zwei ...


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