Vietnamese defense against invasion (23 photos)

Cu Chi (Cu Chi) - rural area about 70 kilometers north-west of Saigon, which has become a pain in the ass, first the French and then the Americans. That is the case when "the earth was burning under the boots of the occupiers." Defeat the local guerrillas did not succeed, despite the fact that close to their base housed an entire American division (25th Infantry), and a rather big part of the 18th Division of the army of South Vietnam. The fact that the guerrillas had dug a network of tunnels multilevel total length of over 200 kilometers, with a lot of disguised outcrops, foxholes, bunkers, underground workshops, warehouses and barracks, on top of densely covered with mines and traps.

A large group can book a guided bus tour involves active participation of tourists in what is happening. For example, can offer to find the camouflaged entrance to a tunnel on a small patch in the jungle, and then - to squeeze into the hatch.

Surprisingly, it is generally quite possible, even quite large crawls western tourists, though with difficulty. Silos brought to the surface, and flat roofs are replaced by high-rays, so that it is spacious enough for a comfortable scrutiny of the dummies in the form of Viet Cong guerrillas in depicting natural habitat.

Like so much else, the metal was a terrible deficit, so the guerrillas collected numerous unexploded bombs and shells (there are on a tiny patch of dumped some absolutely incredible amount, jungle carpet bombing from B-52s just pulled down, turning the district into a lunar landscape), sawn , the explosives were allowed to manufacture self-made mines ...


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