The girl is

< Anna Tantsyura

This girl will always be in you, that you did not do, nor hurt, nor to flee, nor to drink a lot. Already it was, you remember, you have not helped to move out, do not go mad. But its function - just be
. Exactly at ten on Thursday she again comes to the front. Shot for shotom, but the degree is not taking. And in the morning to wake up in someone's new bed. Gather and silently, without words will go.
In these girls still have a fatality in the accident - the evil fate teeth. But it is about you checking for anti-armor and range, the ability to go on and not notice the pillars.
This girl will be. It is destined, in fact, without it, you would be bored. But sometimes it becomes scary, scary eerily. From her not to leave. And certainly not prolyubit.
And she flutters in the windows and TV screens for a long time and has no recollection of who it never hurts, who would have been her haven, her fire.
This essence of chance - coincided on time frequency - for someone ordinary, someone atomic explosion. And then refracted coordinates, altitude and logical, normal and hard break ...


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