Spring has come - the cats arrived!

There was a calendar spring, and the birds were pulled back home. But while they're in the way, their favorite places are occupied by males. The trees, nests and feeders - they are everywhere. Understand why seals have chosen these places, it is difficult.

< Website has made a selection of pictures of cats, who wanted to spit on the bird rights.

was falling to you, Basil, and that because of your muzzle-fed cheese from God will not wait!

March. The Rooks Have Arrived, and everything is already taken

got himself - not charisma together

Stork? I long for him

well as sitting. Mentally

What are you looking at? Bullfinch's me!

whole flock flew barely

you climb, Barsik - then learn to fly

bread Hunting - an ancient and dangerous of all the craft kotoptits < br>

This is our family tree. It grew our children and grandchildren ...

Sometimes I myself do not understand: cutlet eat - then miss her < br>

Cat orchestra assembly

< br> What is one? Tit been waiting for!

course I sun. But not yours!

Are you scared? It's me, your Tfuopyatnapugal!

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