20 great design ideas that add originality interior

Interior design is not limited by the choice of color palette and the purchase of furniture. It takes some "trick" your house has got an original, unique look. This definitely will not be none! Rediktsiya Website lists a couple of dozen ideas on how to diversify the interior and add a uniqueness.

1. Glass pol

glass floor can become an exquisite addition to the design of the room and a real highlight of the house. Despite the guaranteed strength of the glass structure, it is certainly room to add lightness and freshness.

2. Home biblioteka

A cozy reading corner with a large semicircular sofa, glass walls and lots of bookshelves. This design solution will help visually expand the space and make the library truly comfortable.

3. Little House on the dereve

Fairy design a child's room with painted wood and secret move to the attic.

4. Stained okna

Stained glass windows in the stairwells to help close the view of the house from the street and become a magical interior decoration. Day, shimmering in the sun, stained glass fill the house bright colors.

5. Place for otdyha

Niche near a window can become a favorite place to relax in a small urban apartment. The space outside the window could easily become part of the house thanks to a cozy sofa in an alcove near a window or a wide window sill.

6. Designer mebel

Amazing coffee table made of glass and light wood, which looks like a realistic layout of the ocean.

7. Luminescent dekor

Pictures painted with fluorescent colors help create a distinctive and dreamy atmosphere in the room.

8. Fitostena

Many residents of large cities dream of a small green oasis in the apartment. Most fitostena in the bathroom will help you relax after a hard day and feel the present unity with nature.

9. Stone mozaika

Mosaic made of pebbles - a great alternative to the usual wall design in a country house or city apartment

10.. Space peyzazh

Huge space landscape on the wall of the room help add uniqueness and mystery.

11. Unusual lyustra

Chandelier with original shade is not only decorate the interior of the apartment, but also decorate her mysterious shadows in the evening.

12. Bright aktsent

Vivid details are always favorably emphasize the interior. Big colorful carpet - the easiest way to freshen up a room, without resorting to large-scale repair

13.. Own dizayn

The white walls and special color labels allow the child to express themselves and create their own unique interior.

14. Bathroom design komnaty

Bright bathroom based on the song «Yellow Submarine» Beatles.

15. Tekstura

Amazing texture used for the walls, which looks like a ripple on the water.

16. Kamin

It has long fireplaces adapted to harsh conditions of modern design and naturally found their niche as an aesthetic element. Fire soothes, improves the aura of the room, gives a sense of warmth and coziness.

17. Headboard krovati

a variety of materials can be used for the original interior decoration. For example, the wall at the head of the bed can be decorated with open books.

18. Making sten

Glossy magazines are ideal for decorating the walls of a modern apartment.

19. Water and steklo

Glass table top, imitating the surface of water, add luxury and sophistication in the interior of the bathroom.

20. Design lestnitsy

Stairs in the modern house is not only an important functional component, but also one of the central elements of the interior. It is better to opt for a light, translucent designs that save space and fit perfectly into the style of dwelling.

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