20 coolest design pieces that captivated us in 2015

Designers come up all day as to make it easier for us and more convenient to use the usual things ie make our lives more comfortable. And the most talented of them manage to make our lives more and more beautiful. They come to mind such great ideas that we just ahaem admiration and wonder, how could live without this beauty.

Website all in 2015 wrote about the great designer finds, as you have discussed and expressed their opinions. In this post - the idea that most impressed us in the past year.

Lanterns, which "bloom" when people get up underneath h3>

The streets of Jerusalem were a giant 9-meter street lamps Warde, made in the form of flowers. They are revealed as soon as a person approaches them or passing trucks.

Toys, created by children's drawings h3>

For years, the company IKEA carries out the action: sells funny soft toys, and lists of the proceeds to charity. At this time, the toys were made from drawings by the children themselves: the idea of ​​the lucky 10 have been implemented and sold around the world. Part of the proceeds from each sold toy listed for charity. These tigers and dinosaurs drawn from the drawings of Yu-Chen Wu (6 years, Taiwan) and Timio (4 years, Belgium).

mermaid plaid h3>

Master of all trades Melanie Campbell from Michigan came up here are pretty plaids, where warm and you can feel like a mermaid. About plaids wrote several major publications, and instantly sold out. Now Melanie whole queue of those wishing.

Garden wall h3>

Garden on the wall - the handiwork Florist Kim Fisher. Original decoration for house and garden - for those who live in a small apartment and can not take a lot of space for plants.

Coloring you want to "illuminate» h3>

Designers studio «Lago» created in the style of coloring scratchboard (scarring of the wax with a sharp instrument), which gives an opportunity to "light up" night cityscapes. All you need to do - is to take the pointed pen-pen, scratching the special lines in the picture, and as a result you will discover a stunning beauty, hidden in the dark. These coloring pages are very popular with adults, because they help to relieve stress and relax.

Washer dozagruzkoy h3>

For all, who first throws the laundry in the machine, it turns it, and then be sure to find things that forgot to put finally came up with this ingenious invention. It is a small additional door through which you can directly add laundry during the wash cycle.

Bench Tree h3>

Designer Benjamin Greyndordzh creates a bench from fallen trees. And beautiful, and environmentally friendly, and makes us closer to nature.

The solar cycle path h3>

The world's first bike path that collects solar energy installed in Kromeni Netherlands. The results of its work for the year surprised even the developers - it produced 70 kilowatt-hours per square meter, which is enough to power about three houses. Developers Company SolaRoad, hope that their success will be an example for cities that can be collected by bikeways cheap energy, such as street lights. And as the cyclists will be happy!

Lego Sneakers h3>

All parents know that there are three kinds of pain: 1) painful, 2) very painful and 3) stepped on a Lego. 66 years of pain over - the company Lego finally came up with Lego sneaker.

Mattress obnimashek h3>

Special slots in the mattress Cuddle Mattress allow hugging each other without causing inconvenience during sleep. Mattress also appreciate the fans to sleep on his side.

Bath sphere h3>

This luxurious bath will confuse all the senses - whether you're in the water, or soar between nabom and earth. Spectacular thing came up from St. Petersburg designer Alexander Zhukovsky.

«Pocket" stroller h3>

Designers have come up with the company GB wheelchair that can be folded and put away in a bag. Parents who regularly hauling carriages the stairs and shopping and stuff in the trunk, it will appreciate. In addition, it will be indispensable in the journey.

The incredible chandelier-tree h3>

The chandelier in the form of a huge vine adorns the ceiling of the tasting room of one of the vineyards in California.

Bio-fireplace h3>

Fireplace - the champion in creating comfort in the house. But in a modern apartment install a fireplace will not succeed. For fans of "live" fire came up biofireplaces or ekokaminy. The fuel they use environmentally friendly ethanol produced from wood chips.

The projector signals for cyclists h3>

The original idea came up designer Azerbaijan Elnur Babayev. The projector allows Cyclee velisipedistam warn drivers about their maneuvers and be more visible in the dark. The projector is mounted behind the seats, and the signs light up automatically - depending on the movement of the bicycle.

The lamp of the old stump h3>

Each of the lamps Cracked unique - simply because it is the most real stumps from the forest, which is inserted into the cracks LEDs. Lighting can also be used as a seat or table.

For real battle pillows h3>

The world would be a more peaceful place if we had often fought with pillows. Designer Brian Koo thinks so too. Especially for fans of pillow fights he invented soft scimitars, nunchaku, grenades and stuff like that.

Waffle Maker "Star Wars» h3>

Come over to the dark side, now they have not only cookies but wafer. Waffle iron, which is baked dessert in the form of the Death Star - for anyone who grew up in the "Star Wars."

Weightless table h3>

Designers from Duffy London created a great illusion of floating on balloons of the table. For those who have in mind is always a holiday.

Flexible Chocolate h3>

At Sweet holiday - Bourbon company from Japan came up with a flexible chocolate, which is sold in the form of plates as cheese sandwich. They can do a lot of interesting things, and do not need any culinary talents and tricks.

Vegetable Designer h3>

A new toy every day! The original idea developed designers le FabShop. With the details of a series of Open Toys can ponadelat cars and airplanes from boring vegetables. Develops creative imagination in children, and may help to some of these nasty kids love vegetables and fruits.

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