Interesnenkogo What happened today, 27 February, in different years.
And going on a lot of things. Let's try to choose the most, it seems, a landmark:

1598 - elected Zemsky Sobor Tsar Boris Godunov and bringing him the oath of allegiance. Not easy to go to the throne of Boris. For seven years earlier under mysterious circumstances killed the rightful heir Tsarevich Dmitry. As it was there, no one knows, but it points to the annals of Godunov ...

1900 - the foundation of today the successful German club FC Bayern, he's Bavaria, aka FC Hollywood as it is often called for the abundance of stars. It started very simply and generally for those times - eleven gathered Bavarians, disgruntled by the fact that the Munich football gymnastic society attention has not been given, and founded

1997 - announced the successful cloning of Dolly the sheep
. From a very, very famous was born on this day
1873 Enrico Caruso

1887 Peter Nesterov

1932 Elizabeth Taylor

1957 for our Palestine - Tatiana Dogileva

Killed / died:

1936 - Ivan Pavlov. Which dogs dissected

1939 - Nadezhda Krupskaya

2000 - Marina Levtova. It was a good actress. Lost control of the snowmobile ...

2015 - Boris Nemtsov. Yes, for a year


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