20+ harshest gifts that Gave us on this February 23

In spite of the fact that the holiday itself has officially come only today, many men received their gifts as early as Saturday, when all solemnly congratulated women of the teams at work. Gifts, as well as greetings were very different. Of course, not without the traditional socks and shaving foam. But even they have a reason to give is not accepted. On what men received gifts this year, read this collection.

Of course, top the list of the most common gifts for many years in a row headed socks.

However, as you see, to give them a reason is no longer fashionable. Who decided to make sock ... tanks.

Apparently, it is assumed that the socks, rolled into a kind of war machine, are much more desirable than conventional socks.

Some particularly creative ladies even managed to do a bunch of socks.

In general, what is this strange mania girls anything to turn in bouquets?

Well, some kits directly struck by the size. B>

Many, by the way, and they also tried to draw creatively. B>

And, of course, where do without festive treats. Some of them were quite common.

Some - with a claim to originality and styling


Although, almost certainly, the majority of men prefer to here such a treat.

ingested, of course, interesting and unbanal gifts. B>

As well as close to the heart of any adult boy. B>

And someone even dreams come true. B>

But, the best gifts, and this year again passed us.

: Fishki.net

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