Everyday life in North Korea

I present to you another collection of interesting photos of everyday life in North Korea. The world's media scare closed regime and the dictatorship of power in this country, but there are people with their joys and sorrows.

North Korea, North Korea - a country in East Asia in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. The unofficial name of the country, is widely used in the media, -. North Korea

It shares borders with China to the north, Russia to the north-east. In the south it borders with the Republic of Korea, and it is separated from the demilitarized zone. On the west by the waters of the Yellow Sea in the east - the Sea of ​​Japan. Capital - the city of Pyongyang

. The population is 24,720,407 people, area: 120,540 square kilometers (120,410 sq km land, water connection: 130 km²
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