Who has not made for happiness

< Yulia Mironenko

Somewhere in the world of the gods, in instagramah and on Facebook,
live people, created for happiness - for a flight bird
how to work hand
Mount Washington for bad weather.
Or maybe it's just a dream to them
but I want to believe
welfare insulated and painted facades.
Misty "all" of it, it seems easier, better;
you - already seems better than to
. Turned into a cozy ball of thread of causality,
in the dairy foam latte passions boil.
You do not need a fortune to be,
and even, it seems, is not made for this happiness:
nor for that declare parading
nor for that does not require special space and time.
The planet is filled with air the lungs to capacity
and is preparing to breathe the winds of autumn.
You know: black never becomes white,
you just have to leave the muddy water alone.
Air, sun and, of course, love will do the trick - once the water becomes clear
. But the forces of the spirit and is
only those who know - it is not made for happiness.


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