14 pleasant and useful gifts for him and her

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We are in the Website just loves to give presents. We do even better than getting them, so their choice we approach thoroughly. The main thing that inspired the gift was unusual and high quality, and the cost was not space.

Just before the holidays Website with the "El Dorado" has prepared a selection of the coolest gifts that you certainly unexpected find in the store, and they are! We even picked a few for yourself.

For him, to February 23, quadrocopters

Such a gift would be glad to any man: and the adult, and the smallest. In the spring, which is just around the corner, with it you can spend time actively. And children will be what to do during the holidays.

< Accessories for bath

If your man is not indifferent to the bath, and certainly it is, instead of traditional gels here are bath accessories can give a shave and socks, which will be useful.

< Subject mug and sticker < br>

For ardent fans of computer games it will be a really cool gift. After all, love - it means to respect and promote the interests of any of its halves. He is sure to appreciate.

< Mini washing machines for

About a dream, perhaps, every car owner. I save a lot of time and money. And wash the car can be completely at any time.

< Board Games

Paired board games - it's also a great excuse to spend time together. Especially men appreciate "Battleship" with a laser sight.

< Ice-boats

You figured out what to give your little man? Until growers snow, he still has time to get enough of his new collection of ledyankah
«Star Wars».
< Inflatable chair

And in the summer you can give to men here is convenient inflatable chair that can be used at sea, and in the garden and even at home.

For her 8 March Bright pillow

Hug a pillow is always a pleasure, because it is - from a loved one. It is possible to take in the car, and at work, or just throw on the bed.

< Warm Plaid

Cool evenings and would like to bundle up in a blanket and a cup of hot tea. And we know where to find such a cool cover, which will always be warm and cozy!

< Umbrella

Coming spring, and with it the rains. Therefore, such a bright and clear high-quality umbrella will be necessary to present: thanks to robust design, it will withstand any wind and will last more than one year

multivarka management with phone


The phrase "A woman's place - the kitchen" has long been irrelevant. And all because they have come up with such brilliant Multivarki here, watch out for that can be directly from your phone from anywhere in the room.

< Linens

Luxuriate in the morning in a bed - a pleasure. Especially if the bedding is made of natural materials.

< Dinner

Any hostess strives to her desk everything was perfect. And it does not dispense with beautiful dishes. After lunch will seem even more delicious if served festively!

< Home Planetarium

What could be cooler starry sky right in your home? Is that the only real sky. And when there is no way to get out of town and enjoy the spectacle live, you can get from a home planetarium to arrange tale directly into my room.

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