Throw the TV out of the window

Reset the TV out of the window of the hotel - the old rock 'n' roll tradition, and few were as famous for such antics as Led Zeppelin. A former administrator at The Edgewater in Seattle, James Bloom recalled his meeting with the manager of the group in 1977. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page on the night set a record: five TVs dropped. The next morning the manager Richard Cole, still not knowing what had happened, came to pay the bill for your stay. Bloom nervously swallowed, told him that he had to take with him an additional two and a half thousand dollars - five hundred for each TV
Cole was not surprised: he just counted the money and started to leave. Bloom, who was a fan of the band and fascinated rebellious rock 'n' roll lifestyle, he decided to finally ask him: "Excuse me, Mr. Cole. I've heard of such things, but always thought it was all nonsense. Could you tell me what it is - to throw the TV out the window, "Cole turned around and said:" Man, in life there are things that you have to experience yourself. " In this phrase, he counted out five hundred-dollar bills and handed them to Bloom: "Here you go, buddy. Do this by Led Zeppelin ».


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