10 educational films, which will help to understand our world

Tandem science and cinematography - it is something incredible. Thanks to him, we can literally recreate the past, see the future, fly to the edge of the universe and plunge into the deepest crevice of the ocean.

< Website offers a list of 10 well-known scientific and popular films, which tell about the vast and mysterious world in which we live.

House. Travel History h3> Home

The film shows the beauty of our planet and the devastation caused by human activities. Unhealed scars inflicted on the world industrial production, the effects of war, environmental disasters - these facts open the audience's eyes to the real situation on the planet. The film is banned in 36 countries.

Journey to the Edge of the Universe h3> Journey to the Edge of the Universe

Interesting and fascinating film about the structure of our universe and its mysteries. Since our solar system, will carry you through the trillions of light years back to the origins of the universe - to the Big Bang. For a moment, it may seem that you are flying in this spaceship at a speed greater than the speed of light, and for half an hour get to the edge of the observable universe.

Life After People h3> Life After People

Imagine all the people suddenly left the planet. What will happen to the Earth without humanity? In "Life After People" you can see that in such a case would be with architectural masterpieces such as the Empire State Building, Buckingham Palace, the Sears Tower, Space Needle, the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The history of the world in two hours h3> History of the World in 2 Hours

The film is the story from the very beginning of the universe to the formation of civilization on our planet. Even if you do not have the minimum knowledge of the theory of the origin of the universe, after viewing the paintings, you become an expert in this topic.

Labyrinths brain h3> The Human Mind Get Smart

What really is a brain? What are its functions and reactions? As the brain is protected from danger and what is fraught with the loss of its parts? Why do we behave in a certain way in certain situations? The BBC documentary, consisting of 4 lots, will answer all these questions.

100 great discoveries h3> 100 Greatest Discoveries

How it was made the most important scientific discoveries? How do they impact on the development of scientific thought? The cycle of the Discovery Channel series will describe in detail the discoveries of mankind by which we exist today.

Oceans h3> Océans

Scientists joke that the water of the oceans are studied much worse, than the reverse side of the moon. Partly they are right, because in the moment Oceans investigated by only 5%. This incredible picture of the scale, which removed more than a year, opens to mankind the door to the kingdom of Poseidon.

Microcosmos h3> Microcosmos: Le peuple de l'herbe

One and a half hours you'll spend on a completely unknown planet Earth, where all distances are measured in millimeters. Its inhabitants - fantastic creatures, insects, snails and other inhabitants of grass and water. Her landscapes - impenetrable jungle herbal Kusch, dew drops, as big as balloons. Here, every insect - a full-fledged actor

Inventions that Shook the World h3> Inventions That Shook the World

Exciting series cycle on Discovery Channel invites viewers on a journey through the decades of discoveries that changed the modern world - from the communication methods to the way of thinking and self-perception. Each series - is an inspirational story about one decade of the twentieth century through the prism of the discoveries of genius inventors.

Who's afraid of the big black hole? H3> Who's Afraid of a Big Black Hole

Black hole - one of the most frightening phrases in the world. Thousands of scientists can not sleep because of the unsolved mysteries of the cosmos phenomena. Cognitive documentary will introduce you to research into black holes. Can the hole absorb the planet, or even the entire galaxy? Just immerse yourself in a movie.

On the preview frame of the movie Oceans, Disney Nature.

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