"Take care of my children ..."

Take care of your children,
They do not scold for being naughty.
Evil their unlucky days
Do not peel off on them.
Do not get angry at them seriously,
Even if they were guilty,
There is nothing more tears,
What cilia native slipped.

If fells tired feet,
Cope with it no urine,
Well, you will approach a son,
Or hands stretch daughter.
Hug them stronger,
Children cherish kindness
This is happiness! A short moment
Be happy hurry.

It will melt like snow in the spring,
Zipped these golden days,
And leave the native hearth
Your children are grown up.
Leafing through an album
With images of childhood,
Sad to think about the past,
On those days when we were together.

How will you choose to
At this time, go back,
To them, a little, sing a song,
Cheeks soft lips touch.
And while the children's laughter in the house,
From toys have nowhere to go,
You are in the light of all the happier,
Take care, please childhood!

Eduard Asadov

Photos on the preview: Elena Shumilova

via www.flickr.com/photos/75571860@N06/with/16457687977/


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