25 facts of psychology to help understand themselves and others

Who Owns a - owns the world, the Chinese say. In order to possess a very desirable to know yourself and ponimat.A yet - feel sorry for yourself and treat yourself with respect. Without all of this is difficult to achieve this inner harmony and mutual understanding with the world.

< Website publishes a compilation of facts that will help you better understand human psychology.

< Friendship, which originated in the period between 16 and 28 years, usually the most robust and long-lasting. Women are drawn to men who have a low husky voice, because they seem to be confident, but not aggressive. Usually, the best advice given by those people in whose lives were a lot of difficult moments. < The higher intellect of man, the faster it thinks and the more promiscuous in his handwriting. In fact, not emotions affect our style of communication, but rather how we say affects our mood . On the first date, you can learn a lot about a person's character, judging by the way he treats the waiter or waitress. People who have a strong sense of guilt, very well distinguish between the emotions of others. < Men not funny women: they just release more jokes, not thinking about like whether their sharpness around unsociable people have the skill to talk about themselves a little, but do it so that you thought it was good. you know them. In women twice pain receptors than men, but also twice the pain threshold of tolerance. When a person listens to music at high frequencies, it becomes more relaxed, happy and relaxed. If thoughts do not give sleep at night, write them down. From this head will be clearer and you begin sleepy. < SMS with the wishes of good morning and good night to activate part of the brain responsible for happiness. If you do things that scare you, you will become happier. The average length of time during which a woman keeps secret is 47 hours 15 minutes. People who are constantly trying to make others happy, in the end are often left alone. The happier we are, the less time we have to sleep. < When we hold the hand of a loved one, we do not feel so much pain and less experience. The people with high intelligence fewer friends than the average person. The smarter the more selective. There is a great likelihood that the marriage with a person who comes to your best friend will be more robust and decrease the risk of divorce by 70%. Women who have the majority of friends - men often are in a good mood. < People who speak two languages ​​may unconsciously change personality when switching from one language to another. is too long to be alone just as harmful as the smoke 15 cigarettes a day. Travel beneficial to mental health as well as it reduces the risk of heart attack and depression. People are much more attractive when enthusiastically told that it's really interesting.

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