Birds play a big role in our life.

Birds play in our lives greater role than we can imagine. Singing birds can not leave a person indifferent. It calms, cheers, sets a romantic mood, heals the soul and brings into balance all the processes taking place in his body. Singing bird builds the harmony of the soul, mind and body, that is, helps a person heal.

Valery Ilicheva explains the therapeutic effect on the human birdsong. Sounds enter the ear through the so-called auditory cortex and excite her. And from it comes to the rest of the excitation of the brain cortex. Since all the work of the body one way or another is regulated by the brain, the changes occurring in the brain, affect absolutely all physiological processes. Even a simple sound vibration can affect the operation of any body, until the cells. But the musical sounds - it is, in fact, first of all fixed and stable harmony. Bowing to her, all the organs and systems in the human body begin to work smoothly and correctly.

The man is genetically linked with the sounds that emit bird, and that he initially sound environment enjoyable. The voices of birds laid down in the human brain structures as a stimulus associated with joy. A link between positive emotions and physical health is well known. Birdsong perfectly strengthens and promotes human health. Under the influence of the birds singing, the child develops an ear for music.
For example, a nightingale singing - iridescent, mnogokolennoe, alternately soft and harsh, loud and quiet musical overtones - invigorates, creates a mood, calls for work. It is a good cure depression, neuroses, relieves headaches. Similarly, the effect on human perky little flute songs Slavkov.
Sonorous cheerful melody output goldfinches or Chizh, help with nervousness, irritability, fatigue.


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