Conceptual Art requires sacrifice?

It should not be overlooked. Really need your vote.
 My opinion is that the person who did it, is seriously ill and socially dangerous, so he has to sit on the chain.
 For this "manifestation of the art" it should not apply to court to get!
The original text of the article:
 A Costa Rican "artist" picked up a stray dog ​​in the street, and tied it to the wall in an art gallery in Nicaragua that visitors could experience firsthand how the dog will die of hunger and thirst. It happened in August last year. The catching dog helped children who have received from the "artist" murderer money for aid.
 Within a few days the animal suffer, until finally, poor dog died right at the walls of the gallery. Some visitors asked to release the animal, but were refused.
 Do you think this plate?
 Little of. The prestigious Central American Biennial of Art, not only did not condemn it, but to offer this "artist" -zhivoderu to repeat the action at the 2008 Biennale in Honduras.
 Name knacker Guillermo Vargas "Abakuk." Name the dog was Natividad (c Spanish - Christmas or birthday).


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