20 inspirational movies that are worth seeing up to 30 years

age from 20 to 30 years - a period when we are moving from school to work, from the fleeting connections to these relationships, from childhood to full adulthood. 80% of the fateful events taking place in those years.

Website picked films that can affect your vision and help to decide on bold actions if you are in this age.

Scram! h3> Whip It

The film tells about a young beauty contestant who understands that her real vocation - it is a sport. The film makes us think about what's important in life: what is right for you, or what you want. It is a charming story.

Reality Bites h3> Reality Bites

"Reality Bites" - a film about a young age, when in doubt about their own destiny. The main character making a documentary about her peers who try to adapt to the adult world. It is a familiar story to many feel the need to find yourself before you start to develop their lives according to a specific scenario.

Charming and attractive h3> Lovely & Amazing

Family Marx passes difficult phase of his life: his mother is seriously ill, and her three daughters have problems. All these stories show the difficulties of life and ways to overcome them, making it clear that not everything that looks good on the outside, and inside is such. Bonus is a cutie Jake Gyllenhaal.

Before dawn h3> Before Sunrise

Almost every girl dreams to travel on the road and meet a charming stranger who love her. That is exactly what is happening in the movie "Before the Dawn". This movie shows that we need to use every opportunity that is given to us by fate, after all we can to meet your happiness when you least expect it.

The walk, talk h3> Walking and Talking

The picture tells the story of two best friends who live in New York. One of them is getting married, and the other torments himself with thoughts about loneliness. The film will understand that we must be able to find happiness in yourself, not expecting that someone else will come and make you happy.

500 Days of Summer h3> 500 Days of Summer

What is love? Do I believe in fate and wait for their halves? Does the person we intended? But what if there is no destiny, and you decide when and with whom to meet, or to leave? After viewing you have answered these questions.

Party People h3> Swingers

Mike has experienced severe separation, and now it is not easy to adapt to the bachelor life. But after a trip to Las Vegas, he begins to realize that to find what are looking for, we can only agree to be yourself.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World h3> Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim has found the girl of his dreams. But to meet her, Scott must defeat her seven former and very evil guys. The film is about what you need to get out of your comfort zone in order to succeed in this life.

Come on, goodbye! h3> Lola Versus

At least once in your youth will be a period when you will feel that all life flew into the pipe. It happened to Lola after the bride left her before the wedding. She seeks solace in friends, but eventually realizes that the only one who can help her - is she.

Garden State h3> Garden State

In this film, everyone will find something familiar, whether it's the unwillingness to budge, fear of responsibility, memories of childhood, dreams of happiness against fate and the answer to the question: how do you handle it?

At a distance of love h3> Going the Distance

This film tells about the relationship at a distance. The main characters have to decide whether they are ready to sacrifice certain things to be together. This problem is familiar to many young people. Can such a life situation to end a happy ending?

School of Rock h3> The School of Rock

Poor Dewey Finn just wants to be a rock star. Having suffered a complete collapse with his band, he became a teacher at the school. The film shows that school - it is only part of the formal education. But to learn to think creatively, to do something "not like everyone else" and, most importantly, to do something that is the soul - is the primary important things.

On the beach h3> Beaches

It is a touching story about the friendship of two women from different social strata: one friend is not very secure, vulgar, and dreamed of becoming a show-star, and the second -blagopoluchnaya rich aristocrat. Life prepares them a lot of tests. Still, true friendship will help them to overcome everything.

Deaf quarter h3> The Wood

As in the movie "On the Beach", we see the three heroes friendship over the years, from adolescence to the day of the wedding of a friend. That same day, the groom happens much confusion. But do friends will abyss to his companion in this hectic and crazy day?

St. Elmo's fire h3> St. Elmo's Fire

"Spark of St. Elmo" - the name of the bar, where there are characters in the film. It is a nostalgic look at the school friendship of young people that have fallen into the big world. Their relationship closely and intricately intertwined. In spite of the friendship and affection, they need to step into an independent adult life.

Good Will Hunting h3> Good Will Hunting

If you have a divine gift, you are obliged to use it, if you do not want? Do you have something to society? Or maybe you're just afraid to make a move? At the end of the film the main character decides that everyone will accept in its own way.

About Schmidt h3> About Schmidt

After retiring Schmidt begins to rethink past life, trying to figure out whether he could achieve all of their dreams in a career, marriage and family life. This movie is especially important because, approaching 30, you start to think that you want to leave behind in this world.

Harold and Maude h3> Harold and Maude

Harold is obsessed with the theme of death: he arranges the funeral jokes initiates suicide and so on. He brings this fun, until one day he meets Maude, an old lady of 79 years, after surviving a concentration camp and charmed life in the same way that Harold fascinated by death. The free spirit, she gives him the desire to live and enjoy a brief stay on Earth.

Waiting to Exhale h3> Waiting to Exhale

"Waiting to Exhale" - a cautionary tale of four women whose lives have been turned upside down in their 30 years. The history that can not be taken all too emotionally. We need to stop and realize the whole situation - and out there by itself.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion h3> Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

Alumni Meeting at 10, 20, 30 years after graduating from high school - is a problem for many, in fact, not all managed to become stars and millionaires. But the example of the main characters, this film shows that grow as a person - it does not mean the super-rich and become successful, it means learning to live out other people's opinions and be myself.

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