"Goes magic when you grow up ..."

Goes magic when you grow up,
When it focuses on the sick.
And it seems that you are in the shower sedeesh,
Although thirty years maximum for the type.

Yes, let a hundred on the passport, and the heart -
It must be forever young
And other warm, but not warm dream,
Give soul smile, not makeup.

But more and more difficult to find as the years
The soul, there where miracles.
Do not expect miracles. Chudite yourself!
Let the light from the eyes of joy.

And, it seems, has recently called my mother -
Dine, to again run into the courtyard.
That girl has become a mother herself too ...
Oh, how many raced years since?

And that first time of love magic,
When the whole world is wonderful and open,
When not yet on your nerves
Sauceda noise and street appearance.

When all else seems to be flourishing,
He does not notice the grayness of the soul.
A magic - it will not come to the waiting,
And to those who will make a step forward!

Exit magic when you grow up.
But if you want to return it,
Fall in love with all your heart, as best you can.
Love - it is just more magical ...

Irina Samarin maze

Preview: Kseniya Antonova

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