15 evidence that lemon - the most useful thing in the economy

Sometimes it is useful to learn how to use ordinary things inappropriately. Website has collected original ways to help you look at a lemon in a new way and to save a little money.

1. Making universal detergent h3>

It is necessary to remove the rind of 1 lemon, pour 150 ml of vinegar and leave overnight. In the morning, add 150 ml of water. It means you can pour into a spray bottle and use it to wash all surfaces.

2. Clean cutting board h3>

You can easily return to the previous form board, using half a lemon like a sponge, and as the salt scrub. After the procedure is necessary to leave the board for 10-15 minutes and then repeat it again.

3. Brightens the white stuff h3>

To linen was pure white, before washing it should be soaked in a solution with a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda to half an hour.

4. Manicure h3>

Make nails strong and eliminate brittleness help bath with a few drops of lemon juice.

5. Derive freckles h3>

If the skin has freckles or age spots appear, they can be discolored by rubbing lemon juice every day.

6. Improves digestion h3>

If you regularly drink on an empty stomach a glass of water with lemon juice and honey, it is possible not only to improve digestion and strengthen the immune system as a whole. A detailed recipe for this miracle drug here.

7. Properly serve an table h3>

If the table is served, you need to eat with your hands, then at the same time and put a small bowl of lemon water for washing hands.

8. Refresh the appliances h3>

If you wipe the refrigerator with a sponge soaked in lemon juice, then it is a long time get rid of unpleasant odors. You can also add lemon juice in an empty dishwasher and run the cycle or drop it into the humidifier - then it will be a natural freshener.

9. Grow seedlings h3>

In half a lemon, squeezed the juice of which can be grown seedlings and then plant directly from the lemon pot is planted in the ground.

11. Getting rid of the bad smell of shoes h3>

If the night in sports shoes put lemon skins, they have absorbed the smell.

12. Master candlesticks h3>

Halves of lemon, lime or orange look great, one can make beautiful candlesticks, clean them from the pulp and the bay to the melted wax. And do not forget the wick! It must be attached with glue to the bottom of the candlestick.

13. Clean the stainless steel h3>

Items made of stainless steel and copper can be cleaned with lemon skins and baking soda.

14. Laundered berry stains h3>

Painted hands berries can be clarified with the help of lemon juice. Display berry stains from clothes is not a problem: it is necessary to first prostirnut fabric in cold water, and then soak in lemon juice for a few minutes.

15. Insect repellent h3>

To scare away the ants, just enough to squeeze a little lemon juice on the sills and window sills. And to get rid of mosquitoes, you need to stick the buds cloves (seasonings) in half a lemon.

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