15 series for those who are learning German

One of the most effective ways of learning foreign languages ​​- is the use of different videos. For those who are already teaching German and still thinks to begin its study, Website I have made a selection of German TV series, which will help you to speak the native language of Goethe as quickly as possible.

Level: Beginner h3>

Hello Berlin! h3> Hallo aus Berlin!

Despite the fact that this amusing video course is designed for children and teenagers, it will be useful for adults who have started learning German. Simple dialogues on everyday topics (family, food, free time, etc.) will give you a good base.

My way to Germany h3> Mein Weg nach Deutschland

8-part film tells about Nivin, which recently arrived in Germany and should do a lot: to learn how to pay for travel on the bus, go to the doctor, get a job, find an apartment and make new friends. Of course, in German.

German + h3> Deutsch Plus

Good training series from the BBC, which tells about the everyday life of Nicholas Antonescu, who moved to Cologne and faces various everyday problems.

Extra h3> Extr @

I'm sure many know this hilarious British series, which comes in multiple languages, including German. It is easy to understand, with a simple and at the same time interesting story. For each series of enclosed transcript and a workbook with exercises.

Size: Medium h3>

A ticket to Berlin h3> Ticket nach Berlin

Cerial Goethe Institute offers study German in the company of six traveling young people who are sent to Berlin to decide on the way a variety of tasks.

German easily h3> Easy German

Easy German project offers learning German in the form of exciting mini-interviews organized on the streets of major German cities. The great advantage of these clips is that their view will help you learn to think on hearing the different German dialects. In some series focuses on phonetics, so that you can hear how to pronounce certain sounds of the Germans themselves.

Yoyo in search of happiness

Jojo sucht das Glück

Deutsche Welle TV series on the life of a student Jojo, who comes from Brazil to study in Cologne. In this city it everywhere expect numerous adventures and meetings. For each series, which lasts generally 3-4 minutes, enclosed transcript, exercises and a glossary.

The laboratory named Germany h3> Das Deutschlandlabor

About the Germans, there are many stereotypes. Nina and David, you know how it corresponds to reality. And besides, my German great tightened. Total production of 20 episodes, each of which you will find the transcript and exercises for self-examination.

Level: Advanced h3>

CSI h3> Tatort

One of the most popular German detective series. The site TV channel Das Erste can view online, in addition, you can enable the German subtitles.

Turkish for Beginners h3> Türkisch für Anfänger

The series about the life of the German-Turkish family. The story comes from the name of the eldest daughter in the family, Lena, and covers topics teenage problems and intercultural relations.

My life, and I h3> Mein Leben und ich

In the center of the story of 16-year-old Alex, who leads his diary and follows the lives of those around her: parents, younger brother, and friend.

Anna and her love h3> Anna und die Liebe

Unadapted series with simple dialogues on everyday topics. Each series lasts about 20 minutes. To date, released 18 seasons of 30 episodes each.

Inspector Rex h3> Kommissar Rex

Who does not know this good detective series! For German students it will be a great way to train the perception and understanding of Austrian German.

Stromberg h3> Stromberg

Great comedy series, which is based on the story of the American version of the series The Office, about the life of the office staff.

Berlin, Berlin! h3> Berlin, Berlin!

Cerial about the adventures of the protagonist in Berlin, where she was waiting for the most different and unexpected meetings and events.

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