20 old people to change their lives

Even years later, these people conserve energy and youthfulness inside. Neither the circumstances nor the power of stereotypes associated with age, are not able to overcome their desire to enjoy every new day. < Website publishing pictures cheerful and grandparents, who sometimes much more energy than the young. They were able to change their lives in a more than respectable age - and enjoy it every day!

95-year-old veteran won the heavens h3>

So my grandfather from the US celebrates his 95th birthday.

Grandpa from Minsk to 66 years has become a fashionable DJ h3>

«Wherever I was, meal or sitting, always walk my fingers to the beat of the music. Give me a shock, and I otstuchu rhythms that plays in my ears, one to one ».


100-year-old grandmother rode a motorcycle h3>

Many years ago, my grandmother promised that if she would live to 100 years old, she will travel on a motorcycle.

102-year-old rider set the record h3>

102-year-old French cyclist Robert Marchand broke the world record for people who are over 100 years old, traveling 27 kilometers in 1 hour.

Grandma Doris climbing at 99 years h3>

And it looks like it has overtaken his young opponent.

75-year-old from Moscow Valeria dancing h3>

«This dress - dancing, I go to the park on a summer dance floor. How many can remember, always loved this business ».


Andrey Chirkov 74 years participates in marathons h3>

«I like the state in running the flight. When one leg already off the ground, and the other has not yet landed. Yes, it takes a moment. But Marathon turns 42 thousand such moments ».


A 74-year-old Evgenia Stepanova took part in competitions in jumping from the tower h3>

When Evgenia Stepanova turned 60, she decided that for happiness lacks only one thing - start a career as a professional athlete.

101-year-old grandfather and his 103-year-old husband had their wedding album h3>

Chinese couple have Tsunhan and have Sunshi, lived in wedlock 88 years, was finally able to create your wedding album.

88-year-old gymnast entered the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest active gymnast in the world h3>

German gymnast Johanna Quaas still takes part in international competitions.

83-year-old barber shears free everyone h3>

Anthony Saymeris has for 25 years cuts all those who can not afford the services of hairdressers.

Eugene A., 67 years old, St. Petersburg h3>

Age is not a reason to forget about style. Eugene A. Igor project in Gavar "Oldushka».

Karpati Joyce, 80 years old h3>

Joyce Karpati in his 80s became a member of photoset for the magazine Vogue.

The two men did not forget about romance h3>

Every summer, my neighbor rolls his wife on the boat.

Grandpa is not averse to make fun of the other h3>

An elderly couple does not lose a sense of humor h3>

The grandmother decided to master a skateboard h3>

And these two great roller-skating h3>

Let's take the example of people who know how to enjoy every day h3>

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