Tesla in 2015 sold 50,580 electric cars

The company Tesla Elon Musk has published a short отчёт the results of sales in 2015. According to him the company has managed to sell 50,580 electric cars - the result is the maximum for all the work of Tesla. During the last quarter of last year it has sold 17,192 Model S electric car, and the recently introduced 208 Model X SUV .

Overall, sales for the fourth quarter rose significantly: they Tesla exceeded sales for the third quarter of 2015 by 48% and 75% for the same period last year. Since the company itself sells and takes into account only those cars that actually were delivered to customers, the These figures are fairly accurate results.

In early 2015 Tesla intended to sell 55,000 electric vehicles (Model S and Model X), but later the company скорректировала the forecast range is limited to about 50 000 - 55 000 cars. The Tesla explained it possible difficulties in connection with the launch and production of Model X.

In 2014, Tesla set the bar sales of 35,000 electric cars, but the time to fulfill all delivery failed and cars were paid to the owners in early 2015. It's the difference - between the number of orders for electric vehicles and the company's ability to meet them - is a famous проблемой Tesla.

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