7 best scientific photographs in 2015 under the version of Wired

Wired Edition has selected some of the best scientific photographs in 2015. Under the cut - Pluto, Mars, polluted river, blue lava and other photos. I>

In GallifordTry, developer's Antarctic research station Halley VI, it was not possible to verify their work in real conditions, so that all hope was on the computer simulation. And they all turned out: the station operates since 2013. Special building stands on hydraulic stilts, which if necessary can be put on skis, to move the station. Skiing can be seen in this photo.

More than eleven million liters of contaminated water was found in August 2015 in one of the most beautiful rivers of Colorado - Animas, which flows to the south-western Colorado and northwestern New Mexico. Contamination by arsenic, cadmium, lead and other metals discovered by chance during a routine inspection. River a few days was orange and now contamination is not eliminated completely.

The largest known dwarf planet in the solar system, Pluto has become a popular topic news feeds last year - due to the fact that it flew to an automatic interplanetary station NASA's "New Horizons." The whole world is worried and watched the station when she lost contact with Earth . Now New Horizons is the source of the most quality images of Pluto , the disposal of mankind.

This dress online divided into two warring camps: some say it - white and gold, the latter - they are blue with black. In fact, the dress was синим with black , but Geektimes according to the survey more people saw the white and gold colors.

Scientists discovered water on Mars in liquid form , which appears and disappears every summer in winter. It is not known where does this water, and it is not clear the number. We know only one thing - before the water was more.

In this picture - the blue lava from the crater of Kawah Lien on the Indonesian island of Java. Where miners extract sulfur. This lava - liquid sulfur, a picture can be seen at night.

In December 2015, NASA published a color image of Pluto . This picture is the quality of all that has been presented so far. Photography was obtained tool LORRI (Long Range Reconnaissance Imager). See фото a large amount of .

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