Mark Zuckerberg: to his home, I'll create the AI ​​like Jarvis from the "Iron Man"

Remember the movie "Iron Man"? We will not dismantle the artistic value of these paintings, better remember how comfortable Tony Stark with Jarvis, artificial intelligence, helping to "Iron Man" in everything - from the coffee prior to fusion reactions. About this helper can only dream of.

Or you can try to do it yourself. That this is now engaged in Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. Businessman wrote about it in a social network, having told that the AI ​​will serve the entire house, and help in the work.

The most simple - control the music, lighting, indoor climate. Mark also plans to train a virtual assistant to recognize his friends who come to visit. AI will play the role of a virtual nanny alerted if his daughter needed help. Speaking about the project, Zuckerberg spoke positively about Amazon Echo, saying, however, that this system is ideal for controlling music playback.

Mark is going to make the system as "smart" by adding a function of emotion recognition, voice and gestures. Direct management by entering data using the keyboard or mouse is minimized. In addition, the system will perform the role of the entrepreneur's personal secretary - for example, to help plan your day.

On the development of Mark will talk regularly informing on each successive stage.



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