Elon Musk: let Volkswagen instead of correcting "dizelgeyta" start working on electric cars

The head of Tesla Elon Musk, together with the heads of other companies, the field of employment which is ecology, wrote an open letter to the California regulatory authorities. The theme of the letter became a much-talked about Volkswagen scandal, in which turned out, that the German automaker is deliberately understated engine emissions by means of manipulation with embedded software .

As recently it became known as a result of Volkswagen «dizelgeyta" will have to withdraw at least 36,000 cars and install a new version of the software problem. Elon Musk, together with its associates offers another solution to the problem: there is no need to force Volkswagen to recall cars and spend a lot of money, but instead should require the company to invest in the issue of its own electric vehicles. On the initiative of the head of Tesla пишет NewsWeek.

As the authors of the letter write, there is no guarantee that the fix will work correctly, also not for the fact that it is in reality the problem affect all cars. Instead, Volkswagen can at least start work on electric cars, for which there are no emissions problem and, moreover, there is not the most technical ability to organize fraud controls, which in the end will give more money savings due to the fact that checks are no longer required.

Moreover, the Volkswagen is to invest in the production and research in the field of electric vehicles in the territory of California, which will provide, among other things, and new jobs in the state. The volume of investments should be equal to the penalty, which the company will pay. In the 1990s, a similar scandal has already happened, and then the regulators have found the best solution instead of monetary penalties to oblige local producers to bring him their production in accordance with environmental standards in the shortest possible time.

So far, none of the regulatory authority leaders Salifornia California Air Research Board (CARB) directly on the initiative Elon Musk did not answer. Sam Volkswagen intends to comply with the instructions at the beginning of 2016, with a new CEO Matthias Mueller said, that the number of cars is not as problematic great as previously thought.

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