15 coolest gizmos that would like to find under the Christmas tree

Two weeks left until the New Year, and now is the time to think about what would have such an unusual and useful and enjoyable at the same time give to friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances.

Do Website just have some original ideas for Christmas gifts.

2 in 1: lip gloss and handle in the form of ice cream h3>

The surreal Clock h3>

A mug that will help make a perfect "Bloody Mary» h3>

With the markings on the back of Stronie.

Slippers heated h3>

Begins to heat up when you connect them to your computer via USB

Stand for cotton balls h3>

toilet paper holder in the form of the camera h3>

In contrast to the Polaroid camera in the paper holder over long time.

Fancy glasses of whiskey h3>

Mug of elephant with integrated compartment for the tea bag h3>

Flash card-tentacle h3>

Tentacle begins to squirm when you connect it to the port USB

Mini-refrigerator, powered by USB h3>

To get here, do not go.

USB flash drive, packed in a cassette h3>

But before you donate, you can record a few songs on it.

The functional stand-tray h3>


Covers for eBooks h3>

For book lovers reader to look like a real paper book.

The Magic Lamp unicorn h3>

What could be better than a unicorn? Just a giant glowing unicorn.

Candle dinosaur h3>

This is a surprise.

mermaid plaid h3>

I would and he did not give up on this.

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