12 elegant series 2015, you might have missed

This year has been rich in good series, some have appeared on screen for the first time, while others left the second season, no less worthy than the first.

Ahead of the long holiday, so we Website have decided to prepare and assemble an interesting series of the outgoing year, in case you missed something.

Fargo h3> Fargo

New story, which occurred in the 1970s, but in the same North Dakota in the middle of vast snowy plains. The main characters - a provincial hairdresser and her husband, a simpleton, a butcher in the local shop - accidentally get involved in the dismantling of gangs. With the first season of the story relates only policeman Lu Solverson. It is designed and finished the story, richly flavored brand of black humor of the Coen brothers.

How to Get Away with Murder h3> How to Get Away with Murder

Professor Keating Ennaliz - a brilliant lawyer. She teaches students discipline entitled "How to Get Away with Murder." But they do not realize that soon they will have to apply their knowledge in the field in real life. In September, they released their second season of one of the best detective dramas of recent years, where each series - is the first shock, and then exhale.

Better Call Saul h3> Better Call Saul

The story of the trials and tribulations that have to be overcome Saul Goodman, a lawyer in criminal cases in the period when he was trying to open his own law office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you like "Breaking Bad," and you will enjoy this show, in which a bunch of sparkling humor and unexpected plot twists.

Jessica Jones h3> Jessica Jones

Following the tragic events, ragged short superhero career of Jessica Jones, a girl tries to recover his personal life and career start a private detective. But everything changes when the life of the former heroine breaks a man from her past, able to control the minds of the people. A great series for all fans of the comic book universe «Marvel».

Mr. Robot h3> Mr. Robot

Young programmer Elliot social phobia. He decides that the only acceptable way for him to communicate with people - the profession of a hacker. It quickly turns out to be at the intersection of the interests of their employer (a company engaged in cyber security) and underground organizations that are trying to recruit him to destroy the most powerful corporations in the world. Excellent drama about gikah and technical genius, which provides a glimpse into the world of corporations and big money.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell h3> Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

The story begins in an alternate England during the Napoleonic Wars. English magic, once lost, is returned due to the conservative Gilbert Norrell and Jonathan Strange brash newcomer. Mr Norrell bride raises important official and thereby triggers a series of unexpected and tragic events. One of the most beautiful series of the year, which looks at one go.

Eighth feeling h3> Sense8

People from different parts of the world are suddenly connected mentally. They did not even know about each other, between them at first glance have nothing in common. Now they have to find a way to survive, because they were being hunted by those who see them as a threat to the world. This story complex issues on its current "I" and political views gave us Wachowski. And, you know - she's just beautiful.

Empire h3> Empire

The story of the head of a music empire, who learns that he is terminally ill, and he left to live for only three years. He wants his empire continued to exist after him because decides to choose an heir. Three sons and ex-wife start to fight for the "throne". It is not a detective story, but rather a drama about everything - about life, love, family, illness and the meaning of life.

Left h3> The Leftovers

The action revolves around a group of people in the suburban community of the town of Mapleton. They must begin to rebuild their lives after the sudden and mysterious disappearance of more than one hundred million people. This year, they released their second season. Gloomy and beautiful at the same time drama, where all the plot twists seem well-founded.

Scary tales h3> Penny Dreadful

Victorian London. There has never been easy and secure. Citizens are engaged in daily affairs, they do not see signs of future changes. But now everyone is in danger, because the streets of the British capital is going vermin of every persuasion. This horror - atmospheric, frightening. The second season was no worse than the first.

The Man in the High Castle h3> The Man in the High Castle

Germany and Japan won World War II. America is divided equally between the winners, but many years later, appears deeply secretive underground. The rebels are spreading strange documentary film, which shows the victory of the allied forces in the war. These films fall into the hands of Joe and Jules - boys and girls who are trying to fight the regime. Excellent adaptation of the novel by Philip K. Dick, though not strictly text.

It is not realistic h3> UnREAL

The series allows you to look at the absurdity and horror behind the scenes reality show. On the set of the fictional show «Everlasting» Participating in an attempt to eliminate the competitors agree to have sex, the young woman probably the force hold on the set, and African American women reported that they will remain in the show only when the following racist stereotypes. Caution: a lot of cynicism and ambiguous humor!

According to the materials: tvline, kinopoisk

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