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Typically, because of its unstable and contradictory nature girls want to be what they are not endowed by nature. Straight hair, they curl and straighten curly. It is for this reason that became fashionable fake freckles, called Fake Freckles, through which women without freckles can get them. This trend is certainly one of the most charming in the last time, because the freckles are doing pretty much the face. If you've always dreamed of freckles, then below you will find information on how to obtain them.

If you always wanted to have freckles, but nature has endowed you are not, now you can easily draw them yourself

Remy Brixton created a miracle stencils, with which you can get a temporary and very natural freckles

The invention Remy is a stencil, which you can place on any part of your face

Then you need to apply a special tool on the template, and then remove them to leave on the face resulting freckles, which will hold up to 48 hours

Some of those who have already managed to take advantage of temporary freckles say to them they feel fresher and younger

Of course, this is a great idea, but why spend a lot of money on something that you can do almost nothing?

To create fake freckles there are several ways: application of freckles with a pencil and using textures kremmoobraznyh

  • If you decide to use a pencil, then remember that the main thing in this case, well-chosen color. The most optimum color - an ash-brown, which is suitable for almost all
  • Cover freckled nose, cheeks, and do not forget to put a little on the forehead. Drawing point, make them different sizes, because in nature there is no absolute symmetry
  • If you are overdone and freckles look too bright, soften them, patting his fingertips to the places where you have them applied
  • The final step is applying powder to help "freckles" hold on your face as much as possible
  • In the end, no harm would be to allocate cheeks blush and apply to cheekbones highlighter

    • First of all you need a brush-duofibra with a long nap or a coarse sponge and any paint that can be applied to the face, for example, it may be akvagrim or dark concealer
    • Freckles necessary be applied to powdered skin
    • After you've painted yourself, it's time to fix the fruit creations and give freckles natural look
    • To do this, take a brush or sponge with a little tonal resources and pat your freckles
    • Due to the fact that we put on freckles powdered face, the color will fade and not be smeared on the face
      Here is the entire process

      Also fake freckles can be done with an ordinary toothbrush and concealer or foundation dark color

      Dare and you will succeed!


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