Freckles - what are they?

They occur mainly in red-haired and fair-haired and much less common in brunettes. The color of freckles (melanin color in them) can vary from light tan to dark brown, depending on exposure to the Sun and heat. In addition the sun's rays can trigger the appearance of new konopasek.

Freckles are often the hereditary phenomenon, but the genes responsible for the development of freckles, not identified.

They usually appear in children 5-6 years of age, and after 30 years their number is reduced; in winter, pale, with the onset of summer darken. If the baby suffers from a congenital increased sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, already in the first years of life under the influence of sunlight on his skin there is inflammatory redness, turning into pseudovelocity that require special treatment from a dermatologist.

Freckles are centers of concentrated sun, or some sort of armor that protects the most important parts of the body from excessive light stimuli. They appear in pregnant women in certain places: on the face, Breasts and in the midline of the abdomen, protecting the future mother of exposure.

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