10 disturbing facts about the planet Kepler 452b, which has already been called a "second Earth". Perhaps it is inhabited!

Today, July 23, NASA held a press conference devoted to the incredible discovery: able to detect exoplanet similar to Earth, which revolves around a star similar to the Sun! Can we have a chance to find life beyond Earth? .. < 1. Kepler 452b is located 1,400 light-years from Earth makes a full circle in the orbit of its star in 385 days.

2. Age of the planet - 6 billion years old, and she gets 10 percent more energy from its star than the Earth.

3. Geologists have come to the conclusion that on the surface of Kepler 452b have active volcanoes.

4. The planet is located in the constellation Cygnus.

5. Mass Kepler 452b is 5 times larger than the Earth.

6. Because Kepler 452b receives from its star of about the same amount of heat as the Earth receives from the Sun, in the case of flora on the surface of the planet, it will be available to the process of photosynthesis.

7. Scientists believe that if there was water on the planet, then as with the "age" of the star becomes hotter, it evaporates.

8. «The present discovery is based not only on observations of" Kepler "- as we have received the data from the telescope" Hubble "and a variety of terrestrial observatories" - said the representative of the management of NASA.

9. The scientists are not yet able to confirm or deny the existence of life on the planet, said NASA. Telescope "Kepler" is not able to carry out such a detailed study at such distances.

10. NASA: «Work on the detection of signs of life will require the use of advanced technologies and tools that are likely to be put into orbit the Earth».

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