Kepler-444, the oldest star with planets similar to Earth

A team of astronomers from Birmingham and Sydney universities have found a star similar to the Sun system of planets. The age of Kepler-444(the so-called star) is 11.2 billion years old, i.e., it is the oldest star with planets similar to Earth, which is still found in the Universe. Kepler-444 is located at a distance of 117 light years from Earth. Information about this discovery was published in the newspaper Astrophysіcal Journal on January 28.

Scientists believe that it is, in fact, an extraordinary matter, such as the old star system with planets the size of Earth was formed at the dawn of the Universe. The system Kepler-444 is twice as old as our Solar system, which "only" 4.5 billion years. This suggests that planets of this size were formed throughout the history of the Universe.

Scientists suggest that in the early stages of our galaxy and all the Universe there was a planet similar to Earth, which hypothetically could be life.

To determine the age of stars and the mass of planets, a team of astronomers used an innovative method of astroseismology.

The planets orbit Kepler-444 in less than 10 days, and their distance to it 10 times less than the distance from the earth to the Sun. This means that the possibility of the existence of life it is not — due to the lack of surface liquid water and high radiation levels. published

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