"Book and Bed": a unique hotel with excellent read before bedtime

Many people like to read, but there are those who do not sleep, do not poshelestev pages. It is for these to Tokyo opened hotel - the ideal place to sleep in an embrace with a book.

Website invites you to look at this wonderful place.

Hotel «Book and Bed» (ie, "The Book and the bed"), located on the seventh floor of one of the tall buildings of the Japanese capital.

In it, there are two types of rooms: "compact" is a compartment size of 205 × 85 cm, and the "standard" size of 205 × 129 cm. Both share space with bookshelves. The price per night is between 3,800 and 6,000 yen (32 to 50 dollars).

While at the library only 1700 books in English and Japanese, but in the near future it is planned to expand to three thousand volumes.

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