"I do not see good? The world is not rotten. It's in your bad optics "

Vera Polozkova about love and personal enlightenment. h3>

«< Anyone who is no longer in love, omnipotent », - would say Red, and I still can not osvoyus in the sense of exaggerated, misleading lightness of being such, though weakened gravity and air resistance, and costs you wave hand someone like you toss half a meter above the ground; used to be heavy, and it is centered; You know how to balance with her, like a tightrope walker; now you have a little bit of gratuitous shaleesh simplicity of life - and his own absolute her innocence.

Where there is always hurt, it does not hurt, but the city decided to inspect each other wounds, Hull cover, pritsokivat language, shaking his head and empathize; If you are clean and everything is not complaining surrounding instantly lose interest in you and switch to someone suffering; is the only city from all known to me for details and flowery tell how you're tired , exhausted and hesitated - then show the results of your work; fun and sparkle to talk about how you abandoned, weak and miserable - means to convince everyone that you are a highly delicate creature; how to have more exotic injury and this injury haggling - it means to succeed; nowhere relish failure, separation and loss, never do such a cult of the crimes, scandals and disasters, like this; great breakthroughs and discoveries here look officious falsehood and demagoguery; small victories, achievements and successes here look out of place, like a joke at a funeral, You are always a little uncomfortable for them, as a man from the neighboring seat in the theater, which in the middle of the play phone rings: Come out already here and there Shout Me, me too well done, we then fall, shit and Cop tyranny, we've got corruption, creative impotence and the sun through a billion years is glowing so that the whole earth will be a solid Death Valley, FIG Are you happy about here, I went out with Out of sight - tells you the space, and you, yes, obediently stopped smiling.

So ten days prigasit me, but believe that all too certainly stupid and cheap, I do not want to; it seems to me six months ago in India happened to me that normal people is called "faith" - the first time something cleared up about the death of God, structure, balance and fairness, was ashamed of very many of his words fell off a lot of questions and now I finally fatalist, pantheist and center hideous vitality; because if you do not see the good, it does not mean that the world is rotten, it just means that you have a bad optics, and nothing more; the world everything was in order, and there will come after us, and we with all our desire we can not break it.

Since then, as you smear your personal enlightenment, you become a small, optional and happy; you stop so fanatical hoard things, shake over the cloth and cherish someone else's opinion (it's just going to happen: you cease to be so interesting to fly as before, you will be much easier to endure physical pain and never polezesh no in which Google or blogs.yandeks look at some more of their personal hell people enter your name); things like death and the worms underground stop to scare you, such people as traitors, will cease to inhabit your head off, and is much more important than how much a person earns and which channels trades person will be - whether he laughs, I am friendly with yourself and to date there anything that you are now familiar with.

You find yourself with a piece of colored mica in the mosaic of this magnitude that you will be very uncomfortable for all attacks solipsistic youth; such childhood diseases as jealous persuade everyone he met, and take offense at the lack of attention, you, thank God, will leave; religion will be just one or another sort Convention between people with some form of regulation of society, quite effectively, by the way; news retelling mothers will laugh as predictions about the end of the world in 1656; you might be a little uncomfortable because you can not split anybody seriously fears and anxieties, at times be clearly smell the episode in "The Matrix", when matter falls into the green columns of zeros and ones, simple patterns and cycles are nothing new; but in general will be much easier and much more difficult at the same time: you used to, for example, know that you can go out the window and stop all this in one second; now you know that nothing is impossible to stop.

What are we, indeed? The fact that fall in love - very grounds; is sought kontaktik that all this huge machine of the universe for you to join. When there is no such contact, you feel like an astronaut, detached from the vehicle in the open space: beautiful, but, bitch, cold.

Cold, yes.

Author: Vera Polozkova

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