16 color illusions, which are easily deceived by our brain

We were surrounded from birth illusion of so-called additional reality created by our brain. It is so familiar to us that we do not notice it at all. It is an illusion of color. For example, a rainbow. We do not look at the rainbow, we are "created" it. What we see, in fact, due to the peculiarities of human vision - for other living creatures that do not have a similar structure of the eye, the rainbow does not exist.

Website has collected some evidence, it is easy to deceive our eyes.

How many colors in the picture? h3>

Blue and green spiral is actually one color - green. Blue color is not here.

Brown square in the center of the upper face and the "orange" in the center of the front face - the same color.

Look closely at the board. What color cell "A" and "B"? It seems that the "A" - black and "B" white? The correct answer below.

Click on the picture. Cells «B» and «A» - one color. Gray.

It seems that the lower part of the figure is lighter? Close the finger horizontal boundary between the upper and lower parts of the area.

See chessboard with black and white cells? Gray half of black and white cells - one shade. Gray is perceived as black, then how white.

Figures horses are the same color.

How many colors, except white? 3? 4? In fact, only two - pink and green.

And what color squares here? Only the green and pink.

Optical illusion h3>

We look at a point and a gray strip on an orange background is ... blue.

Click on the picture. In place of the disappearing purple spots appear green spot, moving in a circle. But because in reality it is not! And if you focus on the cross, the purple spots disappear.

Click on the picture. If you look closely at the point in the center of a black and white image 15 seconds, the picture takes on the paint.

Click on the picture. Look at the black dot in the center for 15 seconds. The image will be color.

See 30 seconds to 4 points in the center of the picture, and then move the eyes to the ceiling and blinked. What did you see?

At the intersection of all the white stripes, with the exception of the intersection, where you lock eyes at the moment, can be seen a little black spot, which is actually no.

The disappearance h3>

If a close a few seconds to look at the dot in the center, gray background disappears.

Concentrate look at the center of the picture. After a while vague colored images disappear and turn into a solid white background.

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