Amazing works of Paul Cuddy, who are indistinguishable from photographs

A native of Scotland, Paul Cadden (Paul Cadden) is a world-class artist who gives his preference for hyper-realism as the most popular and promising recent trends in contemporary art.

Using simple materials such as graphite and white chalk, Sex on the canvas can recreate almost any photo, focusing on the small details that often simply escape our attention. video> On his incredible work the artist says the following:

"Despite the fact that the basis of all my paintings formed a series of photos, videos, frames, and so on. N., They are more complicated and, more importantly finished products, in which I drew their attention not on the general picture, and in some of its details, they did not embellishing, but merely highlighting, underlining the importance of their role in the integrity of the whole picture. This approach allows me to create the illusion of a new reality invisible on the original photos ".

"Lots of small details around us is simply lost in the background of other, larger and more vibrant," - says Paul.

Everything that touches the hand of Paul Cuddy, whether spider wrinkles on the face of an old man, the smoke from a smoldering cigarette or flowing down from eyelash water droplets become more real than reality itself.


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